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igh-net-worth individuals and  families

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usiness owners.



Our firm is ideally positioned to provide excellent personal service and flexible solutions for your financial and legal concerns.

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 Tax Services

We prepare federal and state income tax returns for individuals, trusts, estates, partnerships and corporations, estate and gift tax returns, pension and profit sharing plans and foundation returns. We perform tax research, planning and consulting year-round in order to develop tax saving opportunities for our clients as situations arise. We have an ideal combination of finance and legal expertise to respond to notices and represent you before the IRS and States in the event of an audit. We have a good record of resolving disputes and abating penalties.


Accounting Services

We prepare unaudited financial statements and provide bill payment, bookkeeping services and related administrative services for individuals, trusts, partnerships, foundations, and corporations. Our goal is to provide our clients with the accurate and unbiased details needed to make important decisions.


Elder Planning

Elderly clients may have specific needs and/or require extra help when it comes to managing their financial matters. We provide bookkeeping and bill paying services to ensure that all deadlines and due dates are met. Tracking the income and expenses also facilitates tax return preparation and can aid with estate planning.


Business Planning

Your business can rely on the solid financial analysis and legal advice we provide. We have the experience and expertise to analyze your situation and develop a plan for financial success.



Financial Reporting

We can provide comprehensive financial reporting at various timeframes (monthly, quarterly, and annually).  We can aggregate all of your assets, including your share of partnerships, trusts and other jointly held assets, into one “big picture” report, while also providing the option to breakout the information in virtually any way that is needed to track performance, transactions and balances. 


Estate Planning/Wealth Management

We can help you develop and implement your estate plan with a range of approaches. We have extensive knowledge in estate planning techniques, tax laws, accounting and wealth management. Of equal importance, we have the experience to ensure your plan is properly carried out.


Legal Services

We can provide legal services you need in forming and maintaining entities, preparing wills and trusts, administering estates and trusts, performing real estate closings, and resolving tax disputes. We build on our existing relationships and context to save your time and resources. We are dedicated to obtaining favorable outcomes for our clients. We take a positive approach and manage all matters efficiently, helping you focus on what is most important to you.